Friday, 15 April 2011

Software - B3 Simulator

I'd like to talk about his software. It recreates the sound of the Hammond B3. It actually can do some other famous organs but I wanted it for the awesome B3 sounds. You can hear some really good sounds on the Native Instruments website. Look for B4 II, the name of the software. I like the fact that it uses drawbars exactly like the original and you can turn on and off the whirling Leslie speakers, a very important tool in the B3 player's bag of tricks. You can also say how noisy you want the keys to be. I think this is a good feature because sometimes you just want that old-fashioned beat-up B3 sound. Another must-have is the percussion. It works with a velocity sensitive keyboard and you can hear it in a lot of B3 music and it's a really important part of Jimmy Smith recordings. I plan on using these sounds a lot on my left hand keyboard for softer accompaniment-type stuff.

Check out these samples

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