Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Software - Band in a Box

This is a Windows answer to Garage Band for the Mac, I guess, but I have PCs. I like this software a lot! I like the fact that you can import an MP3 song and it will create a track for it with all the chords for the song. It will tell you the beat but I am finding that I have to massage the locations of the bars. I am probably doing something wrong. Every time I call PG Music, I get a real person that always seems to be willing to talk to me. Try that with Microsoft!

A while ago, they took their digital recording software and renamed it Real Band. They added pretty much all the Band in a Box features and started doing this Real tracks thing. They created real digital pieces of drums and base and created a patchwork system to create a great track which ended up being more or less a real drum recording, not a simulated drum sound. The trick is that you have to pick a "style" to determine the flavour of the drums and I expect that will come with experimentation. You buy drum style libraries individually or in groups. If you upgrade your software of course, you can pack in all their latest libraries. I haven't actually done much of this yet, but I'm looking forward to having great drum and base tracks for all my songs. They have other real track instruments but these are the two that I need the most and that I will be depending on.

It bugs me though to be constantly paying for upgrades. I paid $408 for the Omnipak version initially. Then I upgraded to Omnipak 2009 for $227. I still haven't really got going with this software because it is taking me so long to get my hardware set up and built. So now, I am looking at another upgrade, probably another couple of hundred dollars. So, I will have paid about $835 for a product which I could buy right now for $400. You know what I'm saying? If you're USING it, I think that's fair, but in my case, it's very frustrating. I guess the rule is, don't buy software until you are ready to use it right now!

If you want to look it up, it's a super product and has so many features, it's hard to wrap your head around all it can do. You just have to buy it and start playing around with it. Hopefully as soon as you get it downloaded!

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