Sunday, 10 July 2011

Singing Practice

I'm writing to tell you how incredible singing practice can be. On the condition that you have an ear for music, that is, you can differentiate one note from another, you can IMPROVE your voice. I don't know if everybody realizes that. I think we all believe in the gym and how it can build muscle, well, singing can build your voice. It can make it more precise, it can make it louder and it can make it expand your range. I know because I have done all those things. I could sing to begin with, but I always had the mistaken belief that I was a "backup" singer. I have a really good ear and could always play music just by listening to a song, and I could always sing harmony with no effort at all. But, to sing lead, I always thought I was missing that important property, voice strength!

First, try singing with considerable focus and effort. This is not a "sing-along". You are the lead singer, act like it! Work to make your voice precise and tone perfect. Stop and repeat, 10 or 20 times until you are satisfied with that line. Sing loudly, belt it out. But, be careful that you have a nice tone, not a yell. Copy every singer you can, try to sound like them as much as possible. It's great training! I am shocked how much improvement I have seen in my voice. I have added two full notes to my upper range! I push myself to sing EXACTLY like Elvis, or exactly like Bobby Darin. I copy every singer and my playcount is in the hundreds for most of my repertoire songs. I sing in the car where nobody can hear me and I am an audience of one. Try it, you'll like it!!!

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